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Rumplestiltskin, Herod and a group of researchers walk into a bar… (be careful what you agree to)

What happens when a group of researchers walk into a bar with Rumplestiltskin and Herod? Well, read this article from the Guardian and you’ll understand.  While that article is largely about researching wifi security, an aspect of it is very important to copyright – reading your terms and conditions properly. I know, I know, terms and conditions are long and boring, … Continue reading

Eminem, the NZ National Party and copyright stuff….

So, some of you may have heard about the National Party in NZ being sued by Eminem for using his music in an ad campaign without permission.  The Party claimed that they thought they ‘did the right thing’ by talking to APRA|AMCOS and licensing the music through Beatbox.  So what went wrong? Well, without being … Continue reading