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Free & legal film content! YEP!

We are well into the swing of the first teaching period for the year and it’s at this time that a number of teaching staff are still making frantic final changes or updates to their teaching material.

Film is a spectacular medium for teaching, however unfortunately for Australian institutions, there is little we can do with film content other than to physically show it in a class (which, let’s face it, no longer suffices in a digital age where a ubiquitous classroom is not only an expectation, but pretty well standard offering) unless we utilise a broadcast copy recorded off air or we are subscribed to a streaming service.  So I’m always ecstatic when I come across a good, free and legal collection of content.  It’s a constant reminder that as time consuming as it can be to trawl around the internet looking for good resources and checking that they’re legal, it is totally worth it!

SO, I’d like to introduce you to my latest find:  SNAGFILMS who host a modest collection of interesting films and documentaries, free and legal (I checked both with the company and some of their content holders) and is definitely worth a look!1125019024_78380c1372_z

Link, browse, enjoy.

Happy teaching 🙂


Image credit: Watching a blank screen by Kenneth Lu (CC BY 2.0)


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