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Now is the time

I know a whole lot of you are out there preparing your materials for the upcoming trimester and I want to remind you that now is the time to review your content and make sure your subject and course sites are current, relevant and legal.

Here’s my checklist for you to tick off before you make your subject site live:


Unless your PDF contains original teaching material – GET RID OF IT! Any readings from books, magazines, journals, papers, etc should be made available through the reading list.

How many do you have? Would you read all that per week? Are they all still essential reading for the subject? If you’re setting new readings – remember your limits – 1 chapter or 10% of the total number of pages.  1 article per periodical, 2 or more if the articles are on the same topic.  All your readings should appear in your reading list for the subject.

Have you got acknowledgements for your images?  Even if they’re public domain works, you should indicate this with a [PD] for auditing purposes.  If they’re images created by staff, a simple © Deakin should be there.  Got an image that you’re not sure where it came from? GET RID OF IT!  Replace it with something new and fresh with an acknowledgement.

Do all your images have acknowledgements?  They should.  If you can’t because you don’t know where it came from then, you guessed it, GET RID OF IT! Replace it with something new and fresh with an acknowledgement.

Do all your links work?  Are they linking to legitimate copies of material?  If not – GET RID OF THEM.  Find a new legal upload, replace it with a streamed resource from one of our streaming services, or contact our office for assistance.

It is important for the university, for teaching, for job security and for students that you provide material that is copyright compliant.

Is it too much? Is it too overwhelming?  Get the help you need!
Contact your Liaison Librarian for help with finding and creating access to content.

Contact the Copyright Office or browse our site for advice on what can and can’t be done, if something is okay, how much can be used or for permission to use more than the limits.


Image credit: (Public Domain) https://pixabay.com/en/checklist-collaboration-characters-150938/


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