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Now is the time

I know a whole lot of you are out there preparing your materials for the upcoming trimester and I want to remind you that now is the time to review your content and make sure your subject and course sites are current, relevant and legal. Here’s my checklist for you to tick off before you … Continue reading

Broadcasts are awesome

I often get asked about using DVD’s to communicate content to students.  The problem with this is that contrary to what everyone wishes, in Australia, we can’t just rip a copy and make it available to students to download, nor can we stream it.  We COULD, if we contacted the production company and sought permission … Continue reading

Free & legal film content! YEP!

We are well into the swing of the first teaching period for the year and it’s at this time that a number of teaching staff are still making frantic final changes or updates to their teaching material. Film is a spectacular medium for teaching, however unfortunately for Australian institutions, there is little we can do … Continue reading